Lands of Lleida, an open-air museum!

The Lands of Lleida will surprise you thanks to the diversity of their touristic proposals to enjoy with family, friends or with your partner.

The landscapes of the plain are crossed by a thousand charming routes: Ruta dels Castells del Sió (Castles of Sio Route), Ruta del Vi (Wine Route), Ruta del Cister (Cistercian Route), or the Tren dels Llacs (a touristic railway linking the Leridan capital with the Pre-Pyrenees).

And, for those who love astronomy, and the cultural ans scientific tourism in general, there is the Centre d’Observació de l’Univers (COU) (Universe Obervation Center).

Furthermore, you have to visit Lleida, the capital of the county, an open and friendly city where the monumental legacy - the magnificent Cathedral of the Seu Vella or the singular Templar complex of Gardeny - coexists with modern infrastructures such as Lleida-Alguaire Airport or La Llotja, a palace of congresses suitable for professional meetings and great shows.

Ancestral festivals and traditions, natural sites for lovers of ornithology, and a gastronomy based on natural products are other assets of a demarcation where its friendly people and villages will seduce you!

Welcome to Lands of Lleida!

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