Pla d'Urgell

Pla d'Urgell, a small and young region!

Pla d'Urgell is a newly created region, specifically in March 1988. Watered by the channel of Urgell, it has an eminently agricultural basis with intensive irrigation crops: fodder, cereals, vegetables and fruit trees.

Livestock farms have a great economic weight, especially in pigs and cattle and also poultry. The industry, like the service sector, is mainly located in Mollerussa and is very related to the agri-food.

The Espai Cultural del Canal d’Urgell has recently been inaugurated in the Casa de Mollerussa and also the Urgell Canal Routes, two new attractions offered by the region. We have to mention the Estany d’Ivars i Vila-sana too, which is  in full recovery period.

Thanks to the mild and horizontal landscape of the area, the practice of hiking is another attraction of the region, as well as towns, which retain the charm of the past, popular festivals, a wide range of fairs and a rich and succulent cuisine that can be tasted in numerous and qualified catering establishments of the region.

Welcome to Pla d'Urgell!

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Era de Cal Falillo

Camí de l'Eral s/n
25264 Vilanova de Bellpuig
Pla d'Urgell, Lleida lands
Rural accommodation, perfect for unwinding in nature with family or friends.
No pets allowed

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