Pallars Jussà

Pallars Jussà

Pallars Jussà, a trip to the origins!

In Pallars Jussà, water has always been exploited prominently. Formerly, the strength of the rivers was used to move mills and ironworks and to transport the wood to the plain with the famous "rais" (a kind of raft made with the cut trunks) , that every year revive with the Baixada dels Raiers (rafters descent) in Pobla de Segur. Later, in the second decade of the twentieth century, the construction of marshes and hydroelectric power plants began.

The attractions of Pallars Jussà are many and diverse: Cultural heritage, with castles, museums, memory spaces, unique buildings and churches, archaeological heritage, festivals, fairs, traditions and crafts; environment, with natural spaces, fauna, dinosaurs' remains, geopark, reservoirs and lakes, Starlight, viewpoints, trains and cable car; gastronomy, gastronomic products, wine tourism, gastronomic days, recipes ...



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