Rural Tourism


Rural tourism or agrotourism is the tourism activity carried out in a rural area, usually in small towns (less than 1,000 or 2,000 inhabitants) or outside the urban area in larger towns.


Reasons for choosing rural tourism

Even if we could list a hundred of them, we'll list only 10:

  • Contact with the nature
  • Outdoor sport
  • Healthy meals
  • Interaction with townspeople
  • Romantic evenings in front of the fire
  • Discovery of beautiful corners
  • Barbecue with loved ones
  • Disconnection
  • Traditional ways of life approach
  • One's batteries recharge

Who is rural tourism for?

Rural tourism is ideal for everyone:

  • Families with children
  • Groups of friends
  • Couples
  • Athletes
  • Companies
  • Nature lovers
  • People interested in specific activities
  • And, above all, for...


Rural accommodation

Rural accommodations are classified into several modalities: 

Casa de Pagès (country house) is an agrotourism establishment; the holder is a professional farmer who obtains agricultural income, livestock or forestry. Users will be able to know the tasks and activities of the field life.

Allotjaments Rurals (rural accommodation) is the dwelling in which the owner is not obliged to obtain agricultural income, but must reside in the same region or live in the same dwelling.

Wheat spikes

The General Directorate of Tourism of Catalonia categorizes the Catalan rural tourism establishments with wheat spikes, which are the equivalence to the stars of the hotels.

  • Basic: represented with a wheat spike. Rooms and equipment essential for the stay.
  • Comfort: represented with two wheat spikes. Good level of rooms and equipment.
  • Great Comfort: represented with three wheat spikes. Very good level of rooms and equipment.
  • Upper: represented with four wheat spikes. Excellent level in rooms and equipment and wide range of services. Unique environment or building.
  • Superior Premium: represented with five wheat spikes. Exceptional level in rooms and equipment. Emblematic building and environment.

The parameters that are evaluated to grant one category or another are:

  • Surroundings of the rural house and of the house itself.
  • Rooms and living rooms.
  • Outer space.
  • Furniture and furnishing of the house for the provision of the services announced.
  • Marketing conditions.
  • Services (catering, hospitality, health ...) offered to the client.
  • Agrotourism, family, natural or cultural activities offered to the guests.

The color of the wheat spike is determined by the type of establishment:

  • Agrotourism: ocher-colored wheat spike
  • Rural accommodation: green wheat spike

Espigues allotjaments turístics rurals