Val d'Aran

La Val d'Aran, simply spectacular!

The region of Val d'Aran has an area of 620 km2, a population of almost 8,000 inhabitants and a total of 9 municipalities with several populated areas added. Surrounded by mountains of more than 3,000 meters altitude, it communicates with the Pallars through the port of Bonaigua and with the Ribagorça through the tunnel of Vielha. Its inhabitants speak Aranese, a variant of Gascon dialect, of the family of the language of oc.

Agricultural activities and forestry exploitation have given way to tourism in recent decades, thaht has grown in importance thanks to the the beauty of the landscape, the practice of hiking and skiing, adventure sports and the monumental wealth. In total, in Val d'Aran there are 354 kilometers of forest roads, of which one hundred are asphalted and allow many excursions. There are also a large number of itineraries for mountaineering, with good shelters, and  a large number of mountain guides for summer excursions on foot, on horseback and by bicycle;  and for crossings and ascents with skis, in winter. Moreover, some of the most important ski resorts of the whole state, as Baqueira Beret, with about fifty ski slopes, are in Val d'Aran

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Val d'Aran

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Casa Rural Ramon de Baish I-II

Carrer Santa Anna, 13A - 13B
25539 Escunhau, Vileha Mijaran
Val d’Aran, Pyrenees
Vall d'Aran
Located in a typical Aranese town on the grounds of the casa Perejoan, the oldest in the Vall d’Aran. Our shield dates back to 1393. Enjoy unbeatable views and the peace and quiet you’ve been looking for on your next holiday.

Casa Nieves

Mètge Campà, 6
25550 Bossòst
Val d’Aran, Pyrenees
Vall d'Aran
Casa Nieves is an ancient Aranese house fully renovated in 2004. We are located in a peaceful part of town called the “Cap dera Vila.”

Casa Matevet

Fort, 3
25539 Naut Aran
Val d’Aran, Pyrenees
Vall d'Aran
House located in the heart of Garòs, a typical Vall d’Aran village located 4 km from Vielha and 6 km from Baquèira Beret. Proximity to the ski slopes and beautiful scenery in the Vall d’Aran make this the perfect destination for a holiday getaway.

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