Garrigues a hidden region to discover!

Garrigues is a region at the foot of the mountains of La Llena, bordering with the plain of Lleida, Priorat, Conca de Barberà, Segrià, Pla d'Urgell and Urgell.

Visiting its villages, you can realize the diversity of crops: olive, almond, vine and fields of fruit trees (when you arrive to the canal of Urgell).  It's strongly recommended to enjoy the Garrigues landscape by the end of January, because of the flowering of almond trees, followed by the flowering of the fruit trees; or the firts months of the year, when you can find the blue and white flower rosemary, the fields covered with bark, the thyme and marigold flowering, etc.

A remarkable patrimony is the construction with dry stone with which the farmers have humanized the territory: margins, stone huts, cisterns and cisterns, thaht you can find walking all over the territory.

Another type of intangible heritage is daylight and starry nights; the silence sourrounding offers a relaxing charm to the one who stays to sleep in the rural accommodations.

Gastronomy will surprise you with the originality of its recipes and the use of the delicious Arbequina's oil in them. Moreover, the wines from the six wineries with DO Costers del Segre reveal the senses. Take them  at home to continue enjoying!

The ihabitants of Garrigues will give you a warmth welcome and frank conversation, and they will invite you, from the heart, to return. Because Garrigues is a hidden region, but it smiles when you walks through it!




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