La Segarra

Segarra, genuine landscape & lifestyle!

The region of Segarra has beeninhabited since the Neolithic period, as can be seen in the archeological or monumental remains preserved in many places: prehistoric (Sant Guim de Freixenet), Roman (Guissona), Romanesque (Cervera), Gothic (Pallargues) baroque (San Ramón) and modernist (the union of Cervera).

In Segarra, there are many celebrations and traditions rooted in the old lifestyle that continue nowadays, but there are new traditions and new forms of leisure adapteed to the rhythm of the current times too. These festivities and traditions combine well with good meals, good drinks and good quality and natural products.

The Segarra region is characterized by having an intrinsic beauty that satifies everyone who is sensitive to the values of nature, history and rural life.

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