Noguera, the most extensive region of Catalonia!

Noguera is one of the most extensive regions of Catalonia. It is divided into two parts: the upper Noguera, dominated by the mountainous relief - with the Montsec as the most characteristic mountain range - and the lower Noguera, which coincides with the plain.

In general it is an agricultural and industrial region. Balaguer is the center of the cultivation of the fruit tree (that we can find all along the Pla d'Urgell) and, among the dry farming, that predominates in the area of Montsec and the middle Segre, we can find the growing of olive, almond, vine and wheat.

On the other hand, the industry focuses essentially on Balaguer (food, metallurgical and paper mill), Artesa (textile) and Balaguer, Artesa and Ponts (wood).

In the Noguera, you can practice hiking, climbing, caving and cycling. The Àger valley and Montsec are ideal places for hang gliding and paragliding.

Regarding gastronomy, what defines the best the cuisine of the Noguera is its simplicity, compensated by the quality of its fruits and vegetables. The pork sausages and pickles are excellent. Hunting is the basis of succulent recipes like "perdiu a la caçadora" (stewed partridge). "Coca de recapte" (dough covered with red pepper and eggplant) o "coca de samfaina" (dough covered with ratatouille) and snails are other caprices that you have to taste.


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