La Morera

La Morera

Contact information
Casa Jaumot
25591 Masies de Llaràs, Peramea
Pallars Sobirà, Pyrenees
617654345, 973252293
The accommodation

The house is located in the small and disseminated village Peramea, in the municipality of Baix Pallars, in where only two families live the whole year.

If you search information about the Masies de Llaràs, you will move away in time and find that long ago they were already known and belonged to the Abbey of Gerri, but that was long time ago.

La Morera is not a theme park, here the nature is real, our little orchard, the woods near the house, starry nights, tranquility, pure air, water, trees and plants that perhaps you do not know...

Enjoy everything that the environment offers and take care of it as if it were yours.

At home we have a textile workshop that you can visit.

La Morera is an old farmhouse in the municipality of Baix Pallars, in Pallar Sobirà. It is a farmhouse with a Roman plant, with an era in the middle. One of the parts of the house that formerly were haystacks was empowered to locate La Morera.
The property is located outside of the urban nucleus, the nearest one is Peramea where some 50 neighbors live.

The house has two floors. In the ground floor, through the small patio where you will find a table and chairs to relax, you will find the dining room, the kitchen, a bathroom and a small room with a TV and a sofa. Upstairs, on the first floor, there are three rooms (one with a double bed -135cm-, another with a double ans single bed -135cm and 90cm-, and a third one with a single bed). On the same floor there is another bathroom.

Calm is one of the values ​​of our accommodation. According to the season, the birds will sing and entertain mornings and evenings incredibly. In front of the house, the imposing view of the Serra de Boumort, a natural reserve, gives us the love songs of deer in autumn. Throughout the year the sky is magnificent but if you come in winter the show is bigger.

What to say about our house! ... that is your house if you want to.
We are waiting for you!


Catalan and Spanish
Capacity for 6 guests

We will tell what to do and see in the region and, I you need anything else, we will be there to help you!


You can visit our textile atelier, where we make unique pieces made by a low-grade loom and where we have also a knitting machine, a homemade engine that allows us to work a little bit faster.

We spin with a wheel and with and axle and, if you want it, we can introduce you to the world of wool.

¡And we also make natural soaps amd make workshops for tourists to discover our activities!

All around the house you can take a walk calmly.

Interesting places

Near to La Morera (1,5 km away), you can visit the small village of Peramea, declared Cultural Good of National Interest. There you can find the Era d'Ortega, from where you can take guided tours to the village (the forge, the jail, the cellar...).

Gerri de la Sal is also a place declared Cultural Good of National Interest. There you can visit the Museu de la Sal (Salt museum), the Alfolí (monumental building) or the Santa Maria Abbey.

And, of course, you can just stay at home, resting and looking at the sky!


How to get there

The access is from La Pobla de Segur (along the N260 road thaht crosses the municipality longitudinally).

Once you arrive in Gerri de la Sal, a local road takes you to Peramea.


Then, leaving the village on the left. you will find the track taht takes you to Masies de Llaràs.