Casa Contorna

Rural accomodation with three individual lodgings, each one of them with a spacious kitchen and dining room, a double room and two single rooms with private bathroom in each.

Dades contacte
La Font, s/n
25692 Àger
Catalan, Spanish and English
Capacity for 13 guests
S'admeten animals de companyia
PL-000399 -PL-000400 - PL-000401

Casa Contorna is a rural building restored by following the traditional architecture and respecting the surroundings.


Hang-gliding, paragliding, BTT, climbing in Terradets, via ferrata of Pertusa, Pla de les Bruixes, Montrebei Canyon, Montsec Astronomical Park, Tren dels llacs (Lakes train), flights by plane, kayak in Montrebei, Roman road, etc.

Llocs interés:

Ermites de la Vall, col·legiata d'Àger, arbres catalogats d'interès, Baronia de San Oisme, Call d'Àger, Parc Astronòmic del Montsec, Congost de Montrebei, vistes panoràmiques des de Santalis

Hermitage of the valley, collegiate of Àger, cataloged trees, Baronia de San Oisme, Call d'Àger, Montsec Astronomical Park, Montrebei Canyon, panoramic views from Santalis.

Com arribar:

From Balaguer, take the C-12 road to the old bridge (the one above the river). Then, you will pass through Les Avellanes, Fontdepou and Port d'Àger. Almost at the end of the downhill, you will find the turnoff to Agulló (2km before Àger).
Enter Agulló and cross the village towards Corçà. From the village central square, take Baixada de la Font and at 100m you will see the house on your left.