La Masuca d’en Monfà

The accommodation La Masuca is located in the middle of the plain of Urgell, between the counties of Pla d'Urgell, Noguera and Urgell.   Surrounded by fertile land for the cultivation of cereals, fruit, vegetables and vineyards, you can enjoy a very quiet atmosphere!!
The house has a ground floor with gardens (adequately illuminated at night), bbq, swimming pool, parking, multipurpose hall, billiards, table football, ping-pong table, bathroom and heating. On the fist floor, there are two bathrooms, three bedrooms, kitchen and dinning room with fireplace, terrace (with access to the garden), heating and air conditioning. On the second floor, there are a reading room with TV, DVD, air conditioning and two beds.
Català, Castellà i Italià
Capacitat per a 6 persones
  • Bicycle service
  • Information on tourist sites in the region.
Activities You can walk on foot or by bike in the vicinity and visit the Remei Castle, the Ivars i Vilasana Lake, the canal and the neighboring villages or enjoy the tranquility of the house with its closed gardens.
Interesting places
  • Remei Castle and its wineries
  • Ivars i Vilassana Lake
  • Mollerussa:
    • Espai Cultural dels Canals d'Urgell (Cultural Space of the Urgell Canals)
    • el somni de l'aigua (the dream of water)
    • Museu dels vestits de paper. (Paper Dresses Museum)
  • Castles tour
  • Balaguer, Tarrega and the villages of the surroundings