Casa Guillem

Contact information
Únic, s/n
25577 Lladorre
Pallars Sobirà, Pyrenees
628 707 948
The accommodation Casa Guillem is an independent house of rural tourism, located in the village of Tavascan (Pallars Sobirà) in the Lleida Pyrenees. The house is fully equipped (you just have to bring the food!). Casa Guillem is the only rural accomodation in the region rated with four wheat spikes (equivalent to a 4 stars accomodation),which is a sign of the features and amenities offered.
Casa Guillem is rated with four wheat spikes (equivalent to a 4 stars accomodation).
Catalan, Spanish, English and French
Capacity for 10 guests
Services Massages, relaxation, yoga, workshops
Activities Sports
  • Nearest ski resorts: Tavascan (15min) , Port Ainé (30min), Espot (30min) and Vaquèira-Beret (45min)
  • Adventure sports
Leisure activities
  • Alt Pirineu Natural Park, the biggest one in Catalunya
  • Trekking and hikins: Porta del Cel, Pica d'Estats route, Montroig, etc.
  • Thematic routes: Muntanyes de Llibertat (Mountains fo Freedom), Ruta del Jueus (Jews Route).
  • Fishing areas
  • Andorra (one hour away by the mountain track). Access by Tor
  • Other activities: massages, relaxation, yoga, workshops ...