Cal Xut

Contact information
Camí Roca Pallissa, s/n
25600 Balaguer
Noguera, Lleida lands
973432329, 619 811 541
The accommodation In Torre Cal Xut, we offer you:
  • Room rental on bussiness days for temporary/exceptional residents
  • Whole house rental for weekends or holidays
  • Whole house rental for partys and celebrations (small groups)
Not far from:  swimming pools, Romanesque churches (you can not miss them!), city Jewish quarter, city walls, castles and a lot of other interesting places that we urge you to  discover!
200 m2 house located on the property of  "la Sentiu". It has a large kitchen-dining room with fridge, oven and microwave. The living room has a daybed. The house has two bedrooms (one with a double bed) and a full bathroom. The washing machine is in a joining room. It has heating.
Catalan, Spanish and English
Capacity for 4 + 4 guests
Services What we do in a livestock farm? Discover the daily routine of a milk cow farm, with Cal Xut. For only 3 euros per person you can visit the farm and our dairy production. At the same time, we offer the possibility of sponsoring a newborn calf. This means giving it the name with which it will be enrolled in the Book of Geneological Record of the Frisona Race. To prove it, we will send you a photo of the animal and a certificate of the registration.
Activities Nature and adventure sports: Located near the Mont-rebei Canyon (in the Montsec), it is an ideal starting point for climbing, mountaineering, hiking, and hang-gliding or paragliding. The route of the eagles and other species: To see an eagle, the bearded vulture or a vulture is one of the experiences offered by the Cal Xut environment. From there you can visit the Natural Park of the Serra del Montsec, characterized by its ornithological diversity. For more information, check the Montsec Consortium website. Adventure Sports: You can perform different adventure sports such as canoeing (, paragliding, climbing, free flight and potholing (for further information on these activities, visit the Vilanova de Meià or kayak website). You can also enjoy more peaceful ones such as fishing or cycling.