Cal Monic

Contact information
Carretera de Preixens Km 2.5
25334 Castellserà
Urgell, Lleida lands
The accommodation The farmhouse of Cal Monic is located at the foot of the Serra de Bellmunt-Almenara, a protected natural area. Here you can enjoy sunsets, views of the grain fields, stone walls and cabanes de volta (traditional shepherd's huts), almond trees, dryland birds, and more. It's a vivid landscape of contrasts and colours, ideal for resting, enjoying and sharing with your beloved ones. Acting as a transition between the Ponent and the mountain ranges of the pre-Pyrenees, this beautiful and undiscovered corner of the Urgell region offers a chance to discover the countryside lifestyle and, at the same time, relax and enjoy the comforts offered by the farmhouse.
Cal Monic is a late 18th-century farmhouse that has been restored using fine and natural materials, and an architectural style that respects its surroundings and history. In short, it's a comfortable country house that breathes, healthy and harmonious, along with the people and the surroundings. On the upper floor
  • Two double rooms with private bathrooms
  • One room with two single beds, private terrace and private bathroom
  • A cosy reading and living room with a fire pit
On the ground floor
  • A double bedroom
  • A small cellar
  • A spacious accessible bathroom
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • A dining room with a large table
  • A relaxation lounge that opens to a large porch (facing south)
Outdoors The farmhouse is surrounded by a large green area to the south and the east. On the north side we find a 15 m x 4.5 m swimming pool located in the middle of another green garden space, where there are two stone tables and a restored stone basin that was formerly used as a tank for laundry and drinking water. Attached to the house there is a lounge, a barbecue and a handmade clay oven for cooking hearty traditional meals. The immediate surroundings are also set up to accommodate a casual game of basketball, football or ping pong.
Catalan, Spanish and English
8 + 2 (kids)
  • Crib available
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bicycles
  • Swimming pool
  • Wi-Fi
  • Garden
  • Parking
  • Guided tours
  • Games area

Mountain Biking - Wineries - Hiking - Workshops

Routes We can propose several routes starting right from the house for those who want to discover the Serra de Bellmunt-Almenara, follow the banks of the Urgell Canal, visit the nearby villages, or explore the irrigated land of the plains and the Ribera del Sió. In this region you can enjoy unique seasonal changes, hills, rolling crop fields and paths flanked by low stone walls. A landscape full of contrasts! Birdwatching Near Cal Monic, birdwatchers can observe numerous species that eke out a living in the drylands of the Serra de Bellmunt-Almenara. Birdwatching here is a real pleasure, especially in spring, but also in summer. Keep your eyes peeled for little bustards, Eurasian stone-curlews, Calandra larks, European rollers, European bee-eaters, great spotted cuckoos, Eurasian hoopoes, corn buntings... The Serra d'Almenara is also home to numerous birds of prey: Montagu's harrier, common and lesser kestrels, red and black kites, Western marsh harriers, buteos, short-toed snake eagles, Bonelli's eagles, golden eagles... as well as owls, including little owls, long-eared owls, tawny owls, barn owls, and even Eurasian eagle-owls. This is without a doubt one of the best places in Catalonia for observing birds of prey. Another interesting spot for birdwatching close to Cal Monic is the Ivars i Vila-sana Lake, as well as other places on the Plana de Lleida. Photography If you like nature photography, there are plenty of picturesque spots in the surroundings of the house (landscape, sunsets, birds, heritage...). We can give you pointers if you like.
Interesting places Castellserà (Urgell), 2 km from Cal Monic. The house is located close to the popular towns of Agramunt (13 km), Bellpuig (16 km), Balaguer (20 km), Tàrrega (20 km) and Mollerussa (20 km), and next to the villages of Preixens, Ventoses, Pradell, Penelles, La Fuliola, Ivars d’Urgell...
How to get there From Barcelona, take the A-2 highway towards Lleida and take exit 504, towards Vilagrassa/Balaguer/Vall D'Aran. Follow the C-53 road to the junction that indicates Castellserà. Then, take the LV-3028 to Castellserà and continue towards Preixens. 2,5 Km later (100 m before crossing the Urgell Canal), you will find Cal Monic. From Lleida (40 min), take the A-2 highway towards Mollerussa/Barcelona and take exit 484, towards Fondarella/El Palau/Mollerussa/Linyola. Continue until the entrance to Linyola/Balaguer. Follow LP-3322 towards Linyola, until you find the exit that indicates Penelles. Follow the LV-3331 until the junction with the C-53 road, take the Tàrrega direction until the junction that indicates Castellserà and take the LV-3028 to Castellserà. Go towards Preixens and, 2,5 km later (100 m before crossing the Urgell Canal), you will find Cal Monic.